Lancement Total Quartz 5000

The Total Quartz 5000 is a new improved premium mineral-based formulations of which surpass the new sequences of the API and the ILSAC. These formulations are fully backward applicable with the previous sequences.
These products can be used with a vast majority of engines outside of Europe, from the newest to the former generations.

Give what is best in the mineral motor oil to your vehicle! The Total Quartz 5000 range gives a confirmed advantage to the known conventional oil.


More than a mineral based motor oil - The Total Quartz 5000 Future XT line of products is formulated with our Fuel Economy* technology. Furthermore, we can claim approvals from FORD and GM with this new improved Total Quartz 5000 Future XT products.

*Designed to provide maximum protection for the engines of our vehicles, improve their running, improve their performance and enable major fuel savings.

Reduced environmental impact: above 2.6% reduction in fuel consumption (for the 5W-20 grade) measured by the official ILSAC test: sequence VI D. It guarantees compliance with all the performance levels claimed by brands such as FORD, CHRYSLER, HONDA, TOYOTA and MITSUBISHI in relation to environmental standards.


Total Quartz 5000 Future XT products line:



TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 SN tare premium high performance multi-grade oils for passenger car, designed to exceed recent engine lubrication requirements for mineral engine oils. These oils are suitable for a wide range of applications (city traffic, road, motorways) and in all seasons.

These lubricants exceed the latest API specifications and are fully backward compatible. It can service a very wide number of engines in maintenance operations.

Benefits from the Total Quartz 5000 SN:

  • Real long-term protection of engine parts against wear (distribution, rings, plunger and liner) increasing overall engine life
  • High thermal and oxidation stability

Total Quartz 5000 SN products line: