Lower fuel consumption, fewer CO2 emissions, more engine protection, less wear... TOTAL has created its fuel economy lubricants to help customers improve the performance of their vehicles and equipment while significantly reducing environmental impact and running costs. With TOTAL, economy and ecology go hand-in-hand.

The Fuel oil Economy technology

Engine parts generate important frictions and shocks. Thanks to our motor oils Total Quartz endowed with the technology Fuel oil Economy, you will allow your engine of:

  • Reduce the frictions and the shocks facilitating the sliding of parts thanks to a continuous and resistant movie of oil.
  • Insure a strong resistance the cutting to be capable of accompanying parts in movement during all the cycle of use of the engine.

The TOTAL QUARTZ with Fuel Economy technology range will help you reduce your consumption of fuel without changing your driving habits!

Travel more kilometers without consuming more! More economies and fewer polluting emissions!

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