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TOTAL and CITROËN agreed to a marketing and technical partnership in 1968. This exceptionally long-lived collaboration has resulted in the creation of quality lubricants—and plenty of positive coverage in the sports pages.


TOTAL and PEUGEOT researchers are developing the lubricants of tomorrow: Oils that boost fuel savings and reduce environmental impacts.


The TOTAL lubricants team and Mazda are partnering to continually prepare for technological changes that meet international specifications.


TOTAL, love at first drop.

TOTAL provides the lubricants used in brand new HYUNDAI-KIA vehicles. So drivers can be sure they’re making the right after-sales choice when they select the same TOTAL products used at the plant. The two companies have also signed agreements to develop and support TOTAL lubricants in various countries.


TOTAL and DAF are working to improve lubricants designed for heavy vehicles.


TOTAL and Scania are collaborating to develop lubricants especially for heavy vehicles, buses, and motorcoaches.