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Total Canada Inc.

Total is a major energy player, which produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity.

Total Canada Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is a part of the  Marketing & Services division of Total develops and markets products primarily derived from crude oil, along with all the associated services. Total Canada operates in several business lines such as: Lubricants and Special Fluids.

Our 100,000 employees, globally, are committed to better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, our ambition is to become the responsible energy major.

Our lubricants business

Total Canada Inc., produces and distributes an extensive line of engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, greases and special products including: TOTAL QUARTZ Engine oils, TOTAL RUBIA Heavy-Duty Engine oils, TOTAL NEVASTANE Food Grade Lubricants, Total Industrial Lubricants and more.

In Canada, TOTAL is committed to offering innovative solutions and makes every effort to ensure that our products are recognized as the top performers in the lubricant field and fully meet and exceed the market’s requirement.