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Why new oil categories?

Regulators set more stringent greenhouse gas emissions limits pushing engine manufacturers to build cleaner and more fuel efficient diesel engines. As a result, oil makers are required to develop new oils for these new engines. OEMs are also working on improvements in oil oxidation control, aeration control as well as shear stability.

PC-11 (CK-4 & FA-4) in a nutshell

The next generation of API CK-4 and FA-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oils is coming, establishing new industry standards to deliver significant improvements in engine protection as well as in fuel economy. These new diesel engine oil specifications are due to hit the market on Dec, 1st 2016.

Both CK-4 and FA-4 oils offer superior performance over current oils. CK-4 oils protect new and older engine models. FA-4 oils are designed to provide optimized fuel economy for 2017 engines and beyond that are designed to capitalize on these improvements.

CK-4 oils replace CJ-4 oils with the same viscosity grades and oil types (mineral/semi-synthetic/full-synthetic) and are backwards compatible down to CF-4. FA-4 oils are lower in viscosity grades to help maximize fuel economy without compromising durability for next generation engines. However, FA-4 oils are limited in backwards compatibility.

The introduction of these two new engine oils performance category will result in the largest change in oil specifications that the industry has seen in a generation. These new categories resulted from years of collaborative effort between the oil and additive industries and diesel engine manufacturers.