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Total Canada is happy to announce the signature of a two-year partnership agreement which makes Total Canada the Association du Camionnage du Québec’s newest Prestige partner and member. This agreement is in harmony with one of Total’s most important value: security. Indeed, Total actively works towards achieving a more secure working environment. The Association du Camionnage du Québec and Total are in line with each other concerning this topic since one of the Association’s missions is to promote ethics, efficiency and security norms within the trucking and transport industry. 

Through this partnership, Total Canada and the Association du Camionnage du Québec will work hand in hand to provide solutions to transport companies’ needs by offering a full-line of lubricants dedicated to the heavy-duty sector and by taking into consideration the needs and challenges of the transport industry workers. Concrete solutions such as Fuel Economy lubricants are offered and will enable companies to achieve as much as 3% in fuel savings while tackling environmental challenges by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Association du Camionnage du Québec at a glance

The Association du Camionnage du Québec is the biggest consortium of companies of the transport industry in Quebec and established itself as the official voice for the transport industry for 65 years. The Association counts more than 500 members including both public and private transport companies as well as product and services distributors for the Quebec industry.